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Address The Physical Side of Anxiety

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

business-peopleMost People know that anxiety can cause many symptoms including upset stomach, sweatty palms, even dizziness to many people but most people never understand what long term stress can do to your body. The hormones that are secreted during stress are not meant to be in the body for long periods of time. These hormones are often referred to as power hormones. They are meant for flight or fight type situations but when we allow these hormones to stay in our system for extended periods of time then you find out that they can wreak havoc. however, most people that are suffering for long term anxiety or even depression don’t know the physical symptoms. It is not uncommon for people that have MS type symptoms go to a doctor for an MRI only to find that there is nothing that they can see. Yet their fingers and hands still tingle, many times they have pain in their hands and over 300 different other symptoms that are all physical!

So what are the different anxiety symptoms that you can look for in a person. In the next couple of posts we will discuss the many different symptoms that are very common amongst people that are suffering from the detriments of anxiety and even depression. One of the most common symptoms is weight loss or weight gain. This weight loss or weight gain can happen quickly or it can happen over time – almost if it is steady and very hard to control.